'Line Of Duty' Review: 15 Burning Questions We Already Have After Series 4 Episode 1

Wow, what a way to start a series.

‘Line of Duty’ returned to our screens last night, with a much bigger audience courtesy of its move to BBC One, and an even more explosive debut episode than in previous outings, and yes, that’s saying something.


While we’re still recovering from the last 30 seconds of Episode 1, there are already many lines of inquiry we should start to pursue. Namely...

1. Surely the biggest question of all already… is the strange behaviour of Tim Ifield, following his unfortunate kitchen enocounter with his boss, DCI Roz Huntley, namely adorning himself with a balaclava, just like the suspect in their controversial investigation Operation Trapdoor? Clearly it’s being hinted that Timid Tim could actually be the suspect, in which case, why would he draw attention to the “forensic concerns” around safely bagged suspect Michael Farmer?

2. And why would he go whistle-blowing all the way to AC-12 and fellow whistleblower Steve Arnott?

DCI Roz Huntley (Thandie Newton) is feeling the heat of AC-12 on her neck
DCI Roz Huntley (Thandie Newton) is feeling the heat of AC-12 on her neck

3. And why does he have a full investigation wall covering Operation Trapdoor in his own home?

4. His almost erotic interest in Hana’s fingerprint on the glass... His visible quivering when DCI Huntley disparages his job, and hints her police sense is superior to his… is this all about one man’s fetishisation of forensics?

5. Could it be, then, that he’s just what he appears, a sad loner, strangely obsessed with his forensic artefacts, wanting to imitate the suspect?

6. Or... Unless he is the balaclava-ed man, a loner intent on drawing attention to himself, and Roz Huntley just stopped his fun by closing the case?

7. If, as Arnott pointed out, Huntley had no motive for pinning this on Farmer, no grudge, no previous connection, then… why would she? Purely because of the pressure from above to close the case of the serial attacker or something more personal?

8. Talking of which, why did the greasy Assistant Chief Commissioner pay a special visit to the police station just to tell Huntley he had “every confidence in her”, words no wise person ever wants to hear from their boss?

9. Where was Roz’s husband all that time during the raid on Farmer’s home? He was meant to get home to be with their children, but… no explanation given.

These two are meant to be on the same side, but...
These two are meant to be on the same side, but...

10. Why did Roz Huntley insist on accompanying undercover Fleming to interview Farmer in prison?

11. And why was she was shaken up by undercover Fleming’s inquiries? Just anxiety about nailing her conviction, or something more sinister?

12. If the earrings were planted, who could have had the opportunity? DCI Huntley, or was one of her officers complicit? Or even more complicated, Tim Ifield himself?

13. They’re making a big deal out of how poor Michael Farmer’s duty solicitor is, for example, having a snooze during questionning - will this come back to cause a problem for the police?

14. As for the very final scene, my goodness… now what?!

15. Finally, please, please can the smarmy ACC be involved in this? “There’s facts and then there’s the truth.”What is he up to? Thank goodness Superintendent Hastings has his card marked.

Catch up with ‘Line of Duty’ on BBCiPlayer. Any thoughts or ideas, please tweet to @FrostReporter and I’ll be sure to include in my next round-up.

Line of Duty Series 4

Line of Duty Series 4


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