'Line Of Duty' Who’s Been The Biggest Hero Of Series 4? Vote For Your Favourite Character

'Line of Duty' concludes on Sunday.

‘Line of Duty’ reaches its finale on Sunday evening, when hopefully we’ll discover whether AC-12 have succeeded in nailing Roz Huntley for her deception, and exactly who is behind the Balaclava.

This series has been peppered with angels and villains, and some who started out as one and ended up another (Maneet, we’re looking at you!)

Who’s caught your imagination this time around? Who would you most like to share a beer with? Who’s been the most tireless or properly heroic? Have your vote below from our top 11 - your vote will help influence who rises to the top of our list.

‘Line of Duty’ concludes on Sunday evening at 9pm on BBC One.


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