Line Of Duty Fans Believe DCI Jo Davidson And Tommy Hunter Are Related After Latest Twist

The latest revelation could mean there's a massive connection going back to series one.

WARNING: Contains spoilers

Line Of Duty fans think they have already solved the mystery of who DCI Joanne Davidson is related to.

Sunday night’s episode of the hit BBC police drama revealed that the MIT boss shared the same DNA as someone already known to AC-12.

However, in typical Line Of Duty fashion, the episode ended on a cliffhanger before viewers could find out their identity.

DCI Jo Davidson, played by Kelly Macdonald
DCI Jo Davidson, played by Kelly Macdonald
BBC/World Productions/Steffan Hill

After DI Steve Arnott informed Superintendent Ted Hastings that a DNA sample of Davidson’s found at PS Farida Jatri’s house was a match for “a nominal” (aka a non police officer) already on their database, many believe she is the daughter of former organised crime boss Tommy Hunter.

Hunter debuted in the first series of Line Of Duty, where he was arrested by DCI Tony Gates in the finale.

He reappeared in series two after agreeing to work with police as an informant in exchange for immunity from prosecution.

Tommy Hunter (centre) with now DSU Ian Buckells and DI Matthew Cottan (aka The Caddy)
Tommy Hunter (centre) with now DSU Ian Buckells and DI Matthew Cottan (aka The Caddy)

Corrupt officer DI Matthew ‘Dot’ Cottan (aka The Caddy) arranged for an ambush of a police convoy that was transporting Hunter in a bid to silence him and keep his own involvement in the OCG a secret.

While Hunter survived the ambush, he was later given a lethal injection in hospital by bent officer DC Jeremy Cole.

The theory Davidson is Hunter’s daughter definitely seems plausible, and some fans have gone even further with their ideas, also linking her and Hunter to DCC Andrea Wise.

However, this one seems less likely, as Davidson’s DNA would have also returned a match to Wise, who would have already been on the police database.

Fans face an agonising week’s wait to find out if their theory about Davidson is correct, and to also see what action AC-12 will take against her.

Sunday night’s episode also saw the return of some other faces from the show’s complicated past when slimy solicitor Jimmy Lakewell was revealed to have spoken to journalist Gail Vella about police corruption prior to her death.

After he survived an attempt on his life during an ambush of a police convoy, he was later murdered in his prison cell by another returning character Lee Banks – a member of the OCG who has some history with Superintendent Hastings.

Line Of Duty continues on Sunday at 9pm on BBC One.


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