Lionel Richie Explains Why His Future Granddaughter Won't Be Calling Him 'Grandpa'

Sofia Richie Grainge and her husband, Elliot Grainge, are expecting their first child together.

Lionel Richie is excited about having more grandchildren, but being called “grandpa” has him singing a different tune.

The singer told Entertainment Tonight on Monday that he’s “thrilled” his youngest daughter, Sofia Richie Grainge, is expecting a baby girl with her husband, music executive Elliot Grainge. But he has some thoughts about what the child will call him.

“I’m Pop-pop,” he said. “We don’t get the ‘grandpa,’ yeah, that’s a little deep. Pop-pop is where we’re going.”

Richie is already a grandfather to his daughter Nicole Richie’s kids. The former reality TV star shares two children with her husband, singer Joel Madden.

The “Hello” singer shared similar sentiments with People magazine back in 2008 after the birth of Nicole Richie and Madden’s daughter, Harlow Madden, who is now 16.

“While it may take me a moment to adjust to being called granddad, I am extremely happy and proud of Nicole and Joel,” he said at the time.

Richie and Richie Grainge photographed together on Nov. 9, 2017, in Beverly Hills, California.
Richie and Richie Grainge photographed together on Nov. 9, 2017, in Beverly Hills, California.
Axelle/Bauer-Griffin via Getty Images

Richie Grainge announced her pregnancy in an interview with Vogue published last week. The model told the publication that she and her husband had kept her pregnancy under wraps until then.

“Pregnancy is really scary and you want to protect that space,” she said, adding that they wanted to “protect our mental health and our space as a couple.”

On Sunday, Richie Grainge shared a video on Tiktok that showed the private way she and Grainge found out they were having a girl.

In the video, the model can be seen running and screaming with excitement as the music executive holds a confetti cannon that shoots out pink confetti.

“Sorry to all my neighbours for the horrifying scream,” Richie Grainge captioned the post.


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