This Little Boy's First Day Back At School Is What All Parents Want For Their Child

All the feels😭

As any parent who has ever left their child in the playground can testify - it’s a little nerve-wracking wondering how your child will cope without you.

But this video, posted to Reddit, shows the adorable reaction when this little boy returned to school after a week off ill.

Tyler had been away from his Kindergarten classmates for only a couple of days, but was greeted with hugs and affection.

Not to mention everyone complimenting him on his new hairstyle.

Tyler, who was initially cautious about going back into the classroom, doesn’t quite know how to react and remains quiet throughout the video.

The video has gathered over 800 comments in less than 24 hours - mainly adults wishing their friends were as kind as these children.

Brokencig said: “I love dropping off or picking up my niece from daycare because she’s so loving and always hugs everyone hello or goodbye and on the ride home she just doesn’t shut her mouth about all that has happened to her that day.”

Boydboyd said: “I wish it was like this as adults. Roll in on a Tuesday, everyone happy to see you. Man, I love that tie. Let me get you a coffee. You shaved!”

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