Little Mix Leave Georgia Kousoulou Unimpressed With ‘Everything £5’ Advert Spoof

'This jar of cookies? Five pounds.'

Little Mix singer Leigh-Anne Pinnock has left Georgia Kousoulou unimpressed, by making a spoof of her infamous ‘Everything 5 Pounds’ advert.

The ‘TOWIE’ cast member appears in a TV commercial for the website, which - as the name quite clearly states - sells all of its stock for a fiver.

Back in July, Leigh-Anne spent a few minutes making a parody of the ad which - no disrespect to Georgia - is pretty funny.

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However, the reality TV personality was not impressed, and recently commented on the Instagram video to make her thoughts on Leigh-Anne’s joke crystal clear.

“I’m shocked and upset to see you have used your social media to made a video mocking the advert I did,” she wrote. “I’m honestly shocked to see this… I have always been a fan of Little Mix & part of that is because you always talk about ‘empowering women’ not mocking them & bringing them down.

“You are the last group of girls I would have ever imagined mocking a girl for trying to make a living.” [sic]

Georgia Kousoulou
Georgia Kousoulou
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Georgia’s comment has sparked hundreds of responses from Little Mix fans, with many (unsurprisingly) defending Leigh-Anne’s spoof clip.

Leigh anne is a fan of ’TOWIE ’and if she knew It would hurt u like this then she wouldn’t have done it,” writes one, while another has posted: “I have always thought you was pretty sound but reacting like this just is seriously over the top!” [sic]

This isn’t the first time the worlds of Little Mix and ‘TOWIE’ have collided, as Jesy Nelson previously had a romance with cast member Chris Clark.

That didn’t end too well either though, as their three-month romance came to an end earlier this year, amid reports that he dumped her via text.

1. Their Comments About Female Empowerment
Brian Rasic via Getty Images
They told Wonderland magazine last year: "Girl power is what we're about. It's what we stand for as a group. We want to do everything we can to make women feel better about themselves."
2. When They Stopped A Song To Comfort Perrie
Perrie was in the middle of a worldwide promo tour when her break-up with Zayn Malik was announced, leading to this emotional moment. Fortunately, she had her BFFs at her side.
3. When Leigh-Anne Refused To Let The Paps Get A Pic Of Perrie Looking Sad
When your friend's going through a break-up, you'll do all you can to make sure their ex doesn't see them looking sad, right?
4. And The Accompanying Prom-Themed Photoshoot Was Just As Brilliant As Their Comments

So excited to be on the cover of the spring issue of Wonderland Fashion Magazine! 🙉😁 x

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This is a limo we want to ride in.
5. Even If The Prom Itself Isn't All That...

Still, at least they have each other to dance with, right?
6. When They Proved They're Not Afraid Of Telling A Bad Joke...
Even if no one else is laughing, clearly.
7. ...And They'll Laugh Even If They're Not *All* In On It
Oh, Leigh-Anne.
8. When Jesy Said She She'll Be Having The Other Girls As Her Bridesmaids
Paul Archuleta via Getty Images
She told MailOnline last year: 'I wouldn't have anyone else.'
10. When They All Clearly Found This Moment As Hilarious As We Do
Seriously, what is she saying?!
11. When They Celebrated Their Number-One Single With A Sleepover

#StillFeelingTheLove ❤️

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What we'd give for an invite to one of these get-togethers.
12. When They Hit The Red Carpet With Their Mums...
Mike Marsland via Getty Images
Here they are with their mothers on the red carpet at the Brit Awards. Adorable.
13. ...And Then SLAYED When They Actually Hit The Stage...
Managing to out-stage Adele, Rihanna and Coldplay is no mean feat, but the girls managed it.
14. ...But They Still Sound Great Stripped Back
Take away the bells and whistles, and you still can't fault those harmonies.
15. When They Stick Up For One Another
Danny Martindale via Getty Images
When Katie Hopkins slagged Jesy off on Twitter, Jade spat back, telling HuffPost UK: 'I just think she [Hopkins] is a really sad person... I think it’s really sad that she has to try and find some kind of limelight by slating everyone else."
16. When They Went All Out For Halloween
David Jensen/EMPICS Entertainment
They're clearly not afraid of a group costume - though we never had them down as Kiss fans.
17. When Jade Proved She Was The Biggest Little Mix Fan Of All

Packing for London...can't wait to use my Christmas/Birthday presents! 💁❤️

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Check those bed covers - they're Little Mix print!

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