15/06/2016 15:36 BST

5 Times Liz Kendall Was The Boss At The EU Referendum Debate

'No need to point, Boris'

Remain campaigner Liz Kendall

If the Remain campaign is struggling to get it's message through, it could do worse than deploy Liz Kendall as an impact player more often.

The Labour MP for Leicester West was in fine form at the EU referendum debate hosted by The Daily Telegraph, Huffington Post and YouTube. Here are five times she bossed it.

1. 'You're more likely to be treated by someone from the EU than behind them in a queue'

The MP made a powerful argument in defence of immigration, and not being a drain on the NHS.

"The reason the NHS is under pressure is we are having ageing population, and quite frankly this government has cut the care service," she said.

2. 'Some people call it red tape, I call it maternity and paternity leave'

... anti-discrimination laws, protection for our water, air and environment," she went on of Brussels regulations. "I think that makes Britain fairer and stronger. I'm proud we're part of a European Union that protects those rights."

3. 'Which of the employment laws do you want to scrap?'

A punchy exchange with Leave campaigner Priti Patel:

Liz Kendall: You’ve said you want to halve employment law.

Priti Patel: I have not.


Liz Kendall: Boris wants to be out of the social chapter. People like Iain Duncan Smith opposed the social chapter, the working time directive, and voted against the minimum wage. I am taking you at your word.

4. 'Who is that will lose their jobs? Not the people on this stage'

"Who will pay the price?," she said, essaying the economic impact of 'Brexit'. "It won't be Boris (Johnson), Priti, me or Alex (Salmond)."

5. 'No need to point, Boris'