Liza Minnelli On Rennée Zellweger's Judy Garland Biopic: 'I Do Not Approve Nor Sanction This Film'

'Any reports to the contrary are 100% fiction.'

Liza Minnelli has hit back at reports that she and actress Rennée Zellweger have been bonding over the latter’s upcoming role as Judy Garland in a new biopic.

In fact, Liza has distanced herself from the project entirely, insisting she does not “approve” or “sanction” the new film “in any way”.

Liza Minnelli
Liza Minnelli
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Back in March, new pictures were released, showing Oscar-winner Rennée in character as the screen icon for a new film, titled ‘Judy’.

But when Radar Online published an article - which now appears to have been taken down - suggesting that Judy’s daughter Liza Minnelli had been “bonding” with Rennée and taken “a genuine liking” to her, the ‘Cabaret’ star was quick to set the record straight.

Rennée as Judy Garland
Rennée as Judy Garland
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Sharing a link to the report on her Facebook page, Liza wrote: “I have never met nor spoken to Renee Zellweger.

“I don’t know how these stories get started, but I do not approve nor sanction the upcoming film about Judy Garland in any way. Any reports to the contrary are 100% fiction.”

‘Judy’ will chronicle the late actress’s final concerts at the Talk Of The Town nightclub in London in 1968, 30 years after she shot to global stardom playing Dorothy in ‘The Wizard Of Oz’, and just a matter of months before she was found dead.

It will also document her fallouts with her management and her romance with soon-to-be fifth husband Mickey Deans, as she performs her sell-out run of live shows.

The film is currently slated for release towards the end of 2018, though an exact release date is yet to be announced.


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