Lizzo's Truth Hurts Performance At The BET Awards Is A Guaranteed Cure For Your Monday Blues

We defy you not to feel better after watching Lizzo doing what she does best... including a turn on the flute.

Here at HuffPost, we know the start of the working week can be difficult and, at times, downright miserable, but for anyone with a case of the Monday blues, we have just the thing to put a spring in your step.

Last night, Lizzo delivered her debut performance at the BET Awards, and it was nothing short of infectiously joyful.

For anyone who’s yet to become acquainted with Lizzo, we’ve grown to love her over the last 12 months thanks to her great music, which often centres around female empowerment and body positivity. She also carries these messages over away from her music, recently garnering support when she spoke about how self-love helped her overcome a difficult period of poor mental health.

At the BET Awards, she gave an energetic and uplifting rendition of her hit Truth Hurts, which recently gained a new following thanks to its inclusion in the Netflix film Someone Great.

Lizzo at the BET Awards
Lizzo at the BET Awards

Dressed in bridal attire and surrounded by a pack of dancers, Lizzo gave a performance that’s a guaranteed pick-me-up, not just because of her talent and the song’s message about picking yourself up, but also how refreshing it is to see an artist on the come-up getting recognition from her peers (including Rihanna, who gave her a standing ovation).

And can we also please take a moment to appreciate her efforts on the red carpet..?

Paras Griffin/VMN19 via Getty Images

This year, Lizzo charted in the UK for the first time with her breakthrough single Juice, which she also sang at the MTV Music And Film Awards last week, in a performance that paid homage to Sister Act 2.


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