Local Labour Party Members Should Be Able To Withdraw Whip From MPs, Says Momentum Group

Hove MP Peter Kyle has been targeted by some local activists
Hove MP Peter Kyle has been targeted by some local activists
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Momentum activists are urging the organisation to demand local Labour Party members be given the power to withdraw the whip from their MP.

On Saturday, the National Committee of the pro-Jeremy Corbyn campaign group will meet in Birmingham. Its regional branches have submitted motions, which can be read in full below, to be debated and possibly adopted by the organisation.

While the open warfare of the summer leadership battle has died down, many Labour MPs remain far from enthusiastic about Corbyn’s leadership.

A motion submitted by the South East Branch wants more “accountability” from MPs and the ability to replace them with another candidate ahead of the 2020 election.

The activists also want to go one step further, and allow Constituency Labour Party (CLP) members to be given the power to “withdraw the whip of its MP at any point upon a members vote upon a majority to be determined” at any point.

To withdraw the whip from an MP is to kick them out of the party.


The South East Branch of Momentum includes the city of Brighton and Hove. Local Hove and Portslade MP Peter Kyle has been targeted by some activists who want in to be replaced as the candidate. Corbyn has said he will not “interfere” to prevent “democracy” in CLPs.

Earlier this week, John McDonnell said he would not intervene to prevent former foreign secretary Hilary Benn remains a Labour MP if local activists in Leeds Central attempt to force him out.

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