What We're Excited For This London Fashion Week 2018

Will womenswear and menswear boundaries continue to be dismantled?

The first London Fashion Week of 2018 is upon us and there are a number of things we’re excited about. Will the clashing of trends last season come into play this February? Will we see more new designers take centre stage? Here’s what we’re looking out for:

Will Activism Take Centre Stage?

From a Dior T-shirt quoting Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Ted Talk “We Should All Be Feminists” to Ashish’s messages of inclusion, fashion week offers designers an opportunity to send a political message - although not too many take it up. With all that has happened in the zeitgeist recently, it will be interesting to see which fashion designers discuss politics in their shows.

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Who is going to be sticking up for what in London? Will there be more statement tees? Any activists walking the walk?

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Emerging To Established

A few emerging fashion designers showcased their graduate or debut shows this time last year. How they develop their design a couple of seasons in is what we have our eye on.

Mimi Wade’s glam kitsch look is a house style waiting to be duped by high street stores. But how will she make this fresh for 2018?

When you think of the hair and accessory trend of 2017, only one name comes to mind: Ashley Williams. The clip in this image was heavily loved as it was a shout out to a 90′s childhood. What accessories are we going to see in 2018?

Will Gender Boundaries Continue To Be Dismantled?

Across both womenswear and menswear fashion months, clothing that crosses traditional gender boundaries has been rife. Will this be taken further at this London Fashion Week?

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Visionary Street Style

And last but definitely not least, London is iconic for its street style. As several trends are now interlaced i.e. streetwear luxe - what new stylings will cause a trend love child?

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