28/04/2019 17:34 BST

London Marathon Runner Dressed As Big Ben Gets Stuck At Finish Line

The hardest yard ...

Lukas Bates wearing a costume of the Queen Elizabeth Tower - known as Big Ben - is helped by an official as he attempts to get past the finishing line, during the 39th London Marathon.

The last mile of a marathon is probably the toughest, and for one runner that was case up until the very last step.

Lukas Bates, from Maidstone, Kent, was was attempting a world record dressed as Big Ben when he got stuck at the finish line.

Stewards rushed to help the 30-year-old and it still took several attempts before he managed to squeeze under the line wearing the famous clock outfit, which measured five foot above his head.

It took around 30 seconds to be freed from the impediment, pushing his finishing time to over three hours and 54 minutes.

Lukas, from Maidstone, Kent, had been hoping to break the Guinness World Record for the fastest marathon dressed as a landmark building - which stands at three hours, 34 minutes and 34 seconds.

The quantity surveyor, who is running in support of the Dementia Revolution, has a marathon personal best of two hours and 59 minutes. 

Before the race, he said: “Having run the London Marathon four times previously, this year I decided I wanted to do something different, have a bit of fun and wear a crazy costume.

“It’s going to be very hard to break the record with the costume I’ve chosen. I could have made it smaller and easier to carry, but I want it to be a real challenge.

“I’ve made the costume lighter, but wind is still a massive issue because of the shape and size of it. Even a little breeze can push me sideways.

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Lukas Bates is hoping to beat the world record for the fastest marathon dressed as a landmark building.

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