‘Loose Women’ Stars Compare ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ To Holloway Prison, Praising Coleen Nolan

The ladies hit the red carpet at the NTAs.

The ‘Loose Women’ gang was one member down at the National Television Awards on Wednesday (25 January) night, as Coleen Nolan is currently in the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house.

And on the red carpet, Nadia Sawalha and Kaye Adams gave HuffPost UK their thoughts on how she’s doing, with Kaye dryly joking “yeah, she’s in Holloway prison… I mean ‘Big Brother’”.

The 'Loose Women' ladies
The 'Loose Women' ladies
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It’s fair to say that this month’s ‘CBB’ has been a trial for all involved, but Kaye told us that she’s proud of her fellow panelist.

“I think she’s handling it well. She’s coming out a little bit more now, which is good,” she said. “But she’s just being quite measured.

“You can’t win with those guys [she’s in there with], the ones who are really out there and aggressive.”

Nadia also praised Coleen, though did question why she went back in the first place, saying: “I think what happened to Coleen - and this is why I was worried about her going back in - is that when she went on it [the first time] it was still a really fab place, where you hung out and chatted.

Will Coleen regret returning to the show?
Will Coleen regret returning to the show?
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“I didn’t want to say it to her before she went in, but I thought, ‘It has changed.’

“Now it’s about finding what your weakness is and twisting it. So I was worried about her going in.

“Before I went in, she and I chatted, and she said, ‘do it, it’s just lovely’ and then I’d never had arguments like that with anyone in my whole life.”

Nadia’s stint in 2015 wasn’t quite so pleasant, and she found herself shacked up with stars including Katie Hopkins and Katie Price, as well as facing criticism for her ill-judged decision to form an alliance with Perez Hilton.

Sadly, ‘Loose Women’ wasn’t victorious at the NTAs and Nadia made her thoughts known - though she probably didn’t realise they were caught on camera… - by laughing “every fucking year” when the show lost out to ‘This Morning’.


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