Janet Street-Porter Reveals How She Fought For Pay Rises For 'Loose Women' Team

'I’m the oldest, I’ve got the least to lose, and I’m the most aggressive.'

Janet Street-Porter has revealed how she managed to bag a pay-rise from ‘Loose Women’ bosses for both herself and her fellow panellists.

On Tuesday’s (3 April) show, Janet and her co-stars were discussing women’s pay, amid ongoing debate about the gender pay gap in this country, with guest Karren Brady.

During the conversation, Karren - who hosts ‘Why Do Men Earn More?’ on Channel 5 - said she wants women in the workplace to feel more confident to ask their bosses for more money.

Karren Brady speaks to the 'Loose Women' team
Karren Brady speaks to the 'Loose Women' team

“Seven per cent of women negotiate a pay rise,” Karren explained, “Compared to 57% of men. So one part [of the issue], is women not demanding what they’re worth, and not going in and asking for the pay rise.

“It’s something to do with attitude… about confidence, about demanding what you’re worth, about sticking up for what you think [is right].”

In response to this, JSP asked fellow panellists Linda Robson, Andrea McLean and Stacey Solomon how they got pay rises at ‘Loose Women’, to which they responded: “You demanded it, Janet.”

Janet Street-Porter
Janet Street-Porter

The broadcaster then explained: “We all earn the same money, everyone doing the same job gets the same money.

“Earlier this summer I felt we were underpaid, so I wrote a letter to our boss on behalf of all of us. I didn’t tell them I wrote it.”

She added: “I’m the oldest, I’ve got the least to lose, and I’m the most aggressive.”

The debate about women’s pay comes as the deadline for all companies in the UK with more than 250 employees to publish their gender pay gap approaches at midnight tonight (5 April).

‘Loose Women’ airs every weekday from 12.30pm on ITV.

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