‘Loose Women’: Ofcom Assessing Whether To Investigate After Katie Price’s X-Rated Chat

Has The Pricey landed the show in hot water?

Ofcom have confirmed that they are deciding whether to investigate ‘Loose Women’, following complaints over a comment made by Katie Price during Tuesday’s (10 May) show.

The panelist raised eyebrows - and won a few laughs - when she made a series of racy comments during a discussion about sex toys and lubricant, but it seems not everyone found her funny.

Katie Price
Katie Price
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The Pricey’s saucy lunchtime chatter led 15 viewers to air their grievances with the broadcasting watchdog, reports the Sun, while a further 10 have complained to ITV.

In a statement, Ofcom have said: "We will assess these complaints before deciding whether to investigate or not."

Meanwhile, a ‘Loose Women’ spokeswoman adds: "Loose Women is about topical debate and we welcome opinions from viewers on our topics."

The former glamour model’s explicit chat began when she admitted to owning a “butt-plug with a crystal on the end of it”, and it all escalated from there.

Her comments left the studio audience howling during the episode, but after one cheeky remark too many, Coleen Nolan frogmarched Katie off the stage.

Should Ofcom give ITV a telling off? Watch the video above to see Katie’s comments…

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