'Loose Women' Descends Into Chaos As Linda Robson Does A Sex Toy Demo

She put in a memorable appearance at the 'Fifty Shades' premiere too.

Linda Robson had her fellow ’Loose Women’ in hysterics on Friday’s (12 February) show, after whipping out a sex toy live on air.

The ‘Birds Of A Feather’ star had attended the ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ premiere the previous night, and brought back a bag of goodies to show her fellow panellists.

And after getting a set of nipple tassels confused with a pair of earrings, Linda then showed off a remote control couples vibrator.

So, this happened...
So, this happened...

However, she quickly discovered it “had a life of its own” as it began to buzz - cue a barrage of giggles from the other women.

“It’s going off now, what are you supposed to do, put it up there?” she pondered.

Andrea McLean joked: “Have you heard of educating Rita? We’re going to be educating Linda!”

Only a 'Loose Woman'
Only a 'Loose Woman'
Doug Peters/Doug Peters

Linda’s attendance at the premiere was equally memorable, as she walked the red carpet brandishing a tickle stick, blindfold and some handcuffs.

She had intended to use the handcuffs to attach herself to the film’s star Jamie Dornan during her interview with him, but revealed his security team had warned her off doing so.

Probably for the best.

‘Loose Women’ airs weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV.

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