14/01/2019 11:26 GMT

Loose Women's Controversial Trans Debate Attracts 30 Ofcom Complaints

The show could now face investigation from the TV watchdog.

Loose Women’s recent debate about trans women being allowed on female-only hospital wards has attracted 30 Ofcom complaints, the broadcasting regulator has confirmed. 

During the discussion in question, which took place in Friday’s episode, Gloria Hunniford said people could “choose” to be transgender, before stating her belief is that if a “man still had his willy and his tackle, as far as I’m concerned, he/she is a man”. 

Andrea McLean remarked that she believed the choice of the majority was being taken away, explaining “nine people on a ward could be feeling uncomfortable for the sake of one”, while Nadia Sawalha suggested “another ward” for trans people could be a possibility.   

Rex/Sutterstock/ITV/Ken McKay
Gloria Hunniford said she believes that transwomen who haven't had gender confirmation surgery are "still men"

After the panel’s comments caused a furore on social media, Ofcom told HuffPost UK they had received 30 complaints from offended viewers.

As is standard procedure, Ofcom has now said that they will be looking further into the matter, before potentially launching an investigation.

A spokesperson told us: “We will assess these complaints before deciding whether or not to investigate.”

A rep for ‘Loose Women’ failed to respond to a request for comment when contacted by HuffPost UK after the episode aired. We’ve contacted them once again in light of the complaints. 

'Loose Women' is no stranger to controversy

While many of the panel faced criticism after the debate, panellist Stacey Solomon was praised for her more measured insight, having said: “Just as you wouldn’t want to be on a ward with the opposite gender, these women, who identify as women but have different body parts, they feel exactly they same as you – they do not want to be on a ward with men, because they have always felt they are a woman.

“There should not have to be another ward, because if you identify as a woman, why aren’t you allowed to identify as a woman, and be a woman?” 

‘Loose Women’ is no stranger to controversy, and 2018 saw it become the second-most complained about show of the year. 

Ofcom confirmed they had received 8,002 complaints after a row between panellist Coleen Nolan and guest Kim Woodburn aired in August. 

‘Loose Women’ airs weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV.