Lopifit Is The 'World's First' Electric Walking Bicycle

Is This Bizarre Creation The Future Of Cycling?

This might be the world's healthiest (and strangest) invention we've seen in a long time.

It's called a Lopifit and it's the 'world's first' electric walking bicycle.

Developed by Bruin Bergmeester, this strange contraption is designed as a halfway house for those who want to cover great distances but do it without the potential strain that comes from normal pedalling.


Think of it in many ways as the relaxed person's scooter, because while they might call it a 'walking bicycle' the truth is you're essentially standing on a flat platform.

There's a powerful electric motor at the back along with a battery which help get the Lopifit moving, then once you're up and running it simple works in tandem with the energy you're producing.

Bergmeester describes the Lopifit as a 'treadmill on wheels' which is actually not bad.


While electric scooters and bicycles are certainly growing in popularity one has to wonder if the Lopifit might just be a social step too far?

If you do want to get hold of one then we unfortunately have some bad news, it's not yet available in the UK.

According to Lopifit's website the company has a range of dealers in Europe and the US and even offers rental schemes in some of these countries so it might not be long before you'll see one of these gently meandering its way across Hyde Park.

Video Credit: In The Now


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