31/08/2017 12:59 BST | Updated 31/08/2017 14:57 BST

‘Lord Of The Flies’ All-Female Remake Raises Eyebrows, But Not For The Usual Reasons

'A thousand words on how they already did an all-girl 'Lord Of The Flies' and called it 'Mean Girls'.'

‘Lord Of The Flies’ is the latest film to be getting an all-female remake, but many films are unhappy - and not for the usual reasons.

The film, based on William Golding’s dystopian satire, sees a group of young boys struggle to build a society, after being stranded on a desert island.

And while the female-led revamp of ‘Ghostbusters’ drew criticism that was largely rooted in sexism, this time around, film and book fans have pointed out that the themes of gender and masculinity are actually rather integral to the plot of ‘Lord Of The Flies’:

And obviously, there were some jokes to be made too:

The plans for the new film were first revealed by Deadline, who reported that Scott McGehee and David Siegel will write and direct the film, which will be released by Warner Bros.

David said of the deal: “We want to do a very faithful but contemporised adaptation of the book, but our idea was to do it with all girls rather than boys.

“It is a timeless story that is especially relevant today, with the interpersonal conflicts and bullying, and the idea of children forming a society and replicating the behaviour they saw in grown-ups before they were marooned.”

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