Lorraine Kelly Left Red-Faced After X-Rated Blunder During Bridgerton Interview

"My phone's gone nuts!" the presenter joked shortly after her unfortunate faux pas.

Lorraine Kelly was left mortified after making a rather inappropriate blunder during an interview with Bridgerton’s Jonathan Bailey.

On Tuesday morning, Lorraine interviewed Jonathan via video-link about his role in the hit Netflix series – including some of his steamier scenes – leading to an unfortunate faux pas when the host mixed up her words.

After showing a photo of Jonathan having makeup applied to his bum on the set of the period drama, Lorraine joked: “That’s got to be one of the best jobs in the world.

“That’s the wee lady who is… I think they call it fluffing. Is that what they do?”

In short: no, Lorraine. That is not what “fluffing” is.

“I don’t know what they call it, Lorraine,” the actor responded, side-stepping Lorraine’s blunder. “I think they call it ‘ice-breaking’, isn’t it?

“That was my first scene… funnily enough, you’ve blurred out a bit of bum, which makes it look like she’s painted over it.”

Jonathan went on to praise Bridgerton’s “safe set”, helped largely by an intimacy co-ordinator, revealing: “When I lowered my britches for the first time, they went, ‘can we call in makeup?’. But it was just to de-shine the botty.”

Lorraine Kelly was left laughing out loud as she recalled the blunder later in the show
Lorraine Kelly was left laughing out loud as she recalled the blunder later in the show

After an ad break, Lorraine realised her mistake, saying: “I said, when [we were talking about Jonathan] getting his bottom made up, ‘is that a fluffer?’. And I’ve just realised what a fluffer is. And it’s not that!”

Through her laughs, Lorraine added: “My phone has gone nuts!”

This is far from the first time Lorraine has been left red-faced after a blunder live on air, though.

Who could forget last year, when she slated the film version of Cats during an interview with Bonnie Langford, only for the performer to reveal her niece was among the cast.

“Can I say, she was brilliant but the rest of it was not so good,” Lorraine swiftly added. “But she was fabulous!”

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