‘Love Actually 2’ Trailer: Andrew Lincoln Returns In First Look At ‘Red Nose Actually’

Most of the original cast members will be reprising their roles for the charity sequel.

The first trailer for the upcoming ‘Love Actually 2’ short film has been revealed, and features the return of Andrew Lincoln and his infamous placards.

The actor had one of the most iconic scenes in the original film, as he revealed his love for his best mate’s wife with some heartfelt messages on A3 cards, and he’s just of the stars who will be back for the special, which will air as part of the BBC’s Comic Relief Red Nose Day telethon.

<strong>He's back! </strong>
He's back!

Keira Knightley - who played the object of Andrew’s character’s affections - will also be back along with her on-screen husband, portrayed by Chiwetel Ejiofor, and the film’s writer Emma Freud has already revealed whether the couple are living happily ever after.

Emma has also shared photos of Hugh Grant and Martine McCutcheon on set, while other stars returning include Colin Firth and Bill Nighy.

Sadly, Emma Thompson won’t be reprising her role, and has stated that it simply feels too soon since the death of Alan Rickman.

‘Red Nose Day Actually’ will air on BBC1 on Friday 24 March. Watch the trailer above…

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