'Love Actually' Sequel Will Feature An Extra Character When It Airs In America

'How could I say no? And right away we were figuring out our schedules.'

The much-awaited follow-up to ‘Love Actually’ finally aired on UK screens over the weekend, but there’ll be an extra addition to the short film when it’s shown in the US.

Noticeably absent from the sequel was Laura Linney, whose American character Sarah was torn between caring for her mentally ill brother and following her heart, after falling for her colleague, in the original film.

Ultimately, things didn’t work out in Sarah’s favour back in 2003, but we’re about to be given an update as to what she’s up to now, with Laura filming new scenes to be shown in the American cut of ‘Red Nose Day Actually’.

<strong> Laura Linney and Colin Firth on set in 2003 </strong>
Laura Linney and Colin Firth on set in 2003

However, anyone hoping for a spoiler can think again, as Laura insisted she has “no clue” what her character will be up to in her story arc.

<strong>'Love Actually'</strong>
'Love Actually'
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Colin Firth, Keira Knightley, Liam Neeson and Martine McCutcheon all reprised their roles from the original film in ‘Red Nose Day’ actually, which closed with a rousing speech from Hugh Grant’s Prime Minister character, David.

Emma Thompson was also among the stars who chose not to return, claiming she didn’t feel it would be appropriate, following the death of her co-star Alan Rickman last year.

The new cut of ‘Red Nose Day Actually’ will screen in the US on 25 May.

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