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'Love Island' 2017: Camilla Thurlow Fuels Speculation Of Previous Prince Harry Romance

She is rumoured to have dated the royal.

‘Love Island’ contestant Camilla Thurlow has refused to address reports she dated Prince Harry

The 27-year-old was rumoured to have previously gone out with the royal, but could not be drawn on the relationship in an interview ahead of her appearance on the ITV2 reality series. 

Camilla is one of 11 new Love Islanders

When quizzed by HuffPost UK and other journalists, Camilla fuelled speculation by quickly shut the chat down, saying:”I mean that would be telling...”

One thing she was happy to chat about, however, was her unusual job as a explosives disposal expert, which has seen her work many hostile environments including Cambodia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Georgia, Armenia and Afghanistan. 

“I know [’Love Island’] seems very, very different and it is obviously, but it’s always got to be an extreme,” she explained. “This is just a new extreme.”

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Camilla is rumoured to have enjoyed a relationship with Prince Harry

However, Camilla admitted she was actually more nervous about her reality TV stint than any of the jobs she’s had in the past. 

“I get really disproportionally nervous about anything to do with my personal life,” she said. “If I go on blind date, I get so nervous before hand. In my work life, even if I’m doing something that makes me nervous, I know how I want to do it and I plan it out, but with my personal life, there’s so much outside of your control.”

She also agreed that living in a gated compound with co-workers while away with work could have been good training for her time in the ‘Love Island’ villa. 

“In a lot of the places, you live in a relatively controlled environment with the people you work with, so there are parallels,” she explained. “It may not be up to ‘Love Island’ standard though.”

Camilla works in humanitarian ordinance explosion disposal

But fans shouldn’t expect Camilla to give up her work to pursue a career in reality TV after leaving the show, as she explained: “The type of work I do, any time you’re not doing it you have these really strong feelings of guilt.

“I don’t think in the long term, I could ever walk away from that sector. Charity work is always something I want to be part of my life.”

‘Love Island’ launches on Monday 5 June at 9pm on ITV2.

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