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'Love Island' 2017: Marcel Sommerville Reveals The Grossest Tale About His Time In Blazin' Squad

Needless to say, he's not worried about having sex on camera.

‘Love Island’ contestant Marcel Sommerville has revealed a seriously gross story about his time in Blazin’ Squad. 

He admitted he isn’t worried about having sex on camera or in the same room as his fellow Islanders, as he his days in the band were equally as wild. 

'Love Island' contestant Marcel Sommerville

Speaking to HuffPost UK and other journalists from the ITV2 reality series’ home in Mallorca, Marcel revealed he and his bandmates often had sex in the same room at the same time. 

When asked how he’d feel about being intimate in front of an audience, he replied: “I’m not going to lie to you, I used to be in a band. We used to have two of us in the rooms and there’s been times where my mate’s been doing it and I’ve been doing it, and we’ve looked up and been like, ‘alright, what’s going on?’.

“But what happens on tour stays on tour.”

However, he insisted he wouldn’t be bed-hopping during his time in the villa, even admitting he is willing to wait to have sex until he’s built a connection with one of the girls. 

Pressed on how long he thinks he would last, Marcel said: “Maybe second week when I’ve got to know the girls and I’m in a good space with one of them.

“I don’t want to be that guy who’s jumping into bed with everyone, though.”

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Marcel with the rest of Blazin' Squad back in 2003

The star, who was known as MC Plat’num B in Blazin’ Squad, has been largely out of the limelight since they called it quits in 2005, bar an appearance on Channel 4’s ‘The Games’ in 2006. 

Revealing what he’d been up to in recent years, Marcel revealed: “I do producing and I’ve produced with loads of different people, like Naughty Boy.

“In 2015, I set up my own production label and we had our first release last year on a house EP, and I also DJ at a house night in Shoreditch once a month.”

Marcel is looking for love on the ITV2 reality series

Marcel also said the boys are all still very much in contact, but Blazing Squad fans shouldn’t hold out hope of a reunion just yet. 

“There’s possibilities, but I think we may have to do it in like 10 years because everyone is off doing their own individual bits,” he said. “We’ll have to be 40 or something and then do it.

“In March, we were all at Stuart’s wedding, but when it’s a wedding or someone has a kid, there’s always a party and we get together.

“But truth be told, there’s never been a time since we were 21 that we’ve all been in the same room together. There’s always been one or two missing.”

He added: “Three of them know I’m going on ‘Love Island’ and they think it’s made for me. I’m always the single one trying to pull birds when we go out.”

‘Love Island’ launches on Monday 5 June at 9pm on ITV2. 

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