13/06/2017 17:53 BST

'Love Island' Villa Explodes Into Series Of Rows After Chris Hughes Dumps Chloe Crowhurst For Olivia Attwood

Emotions were running high during this very dramatic evening on the Island.

Up until now, the ‘Love Island’ villa has been quite a harmonious place - but that is all set to change in Tuesday’s (13 June) episode. 

A series of rows explodes among the contestants, after Chris Hughes’s decision to dump Chloe Crowhurst sparks off a string off events that leaves two Islanders in tears and friendships in tatters. 

The drama kicks off when Chris pulls Chloe aside at Jessica Shears’s birthday party to cool things off with her, having made a move on Olivia Attwood

Chloe is left in tears after Chris calls things off between them

Chloe brands Chris “disrespectful” over his treatment of her, insisting he should have told him about his growing attraction to Olivia before telling anyone else. 

She then decides to expose their relationship to the rest of the group, revealing it was the real reason Olivia called things off with Sam Gowland the previous day. 

After Chloe then runs off to the bedroom in tears, Sam sets out to try and find out the truth about Olivia and Chris. 

Following a conversation with Marcel Somerville, in which the former Blazin’ Squad star declares Chris “saw an opportunity” to make a move on Olivia, Sam sees red and heads to the garden to confront him. 

“First things first, I’ve nothing against you, no problem. I’m not bothered about you and Liv. But I’ve found out that you’ve gone behind my back,” Sam says. 

Chris protests against any wrongdoing, explaining: “The first time I knew anything about this was today, so nothing’s gone on behind your back before that. That’s the first time I’ve sat down and had a conversation with Liv, genuinely.”

Sam confronts Chris over his attraction to Olivia

With tempers flaring, things soon turn into a row, with Sam warning Chris: “Don’t start raising your voice with me, I’m telling you now.”

However, a defiant Chris remains unapologetic, saying: “Sam the first time I’ve spoken to her properly was then, so how can I go behind your back and do anything?”

Sam then returns to confront Olivia, with an argument soon arising between them too. 

“I’m not bothered about me and you, I’m bothered about the fact that he’s gone behind a lad’s back. I’ve just been told that,” Sam tells her. 

“By who? We haven’t even spoken before tonight!” she argues. “Just now was the first time we’ve spoken. You are bothered, so that’s why you’re being all jumped up.”

Former couple Sam and Olivia come to blows

Olivia then goes head-to-head with Montana Brown, after she calls her out for her treatment of Sam, explaining she didn’t need to be confrontational. 

“I don’t think you handled the situation, but you know that anyway because I told you,” Montana tells Olivia. “When you came over in the group, it was just awkward for everyone. I wasn’t digging you out, I was just saying that I didn’t think you should have done it in front of everyone, I think you should have just pulled him aside, which you did in the end anyway. Is that alright?”

Both defend their positions, with Olivia accusing Montana of “getting salty” with her. 

“I don’t want to fall out with you but it’s not your place to comment on it,” Olivia barks. 

Montana argues: “That was a group situation where everyone felt uncomfortable... It was just drama everywhere.”

“I stand by why I did because I feel like Sam caused a lot of the situation tonight so that’s what I’m going to stand by,” Olivia responds. 

Montana cries after arguing with Olivia

The aftermath leaves Montana in tears in the bathroom, before Marcel then also steps in to defend Sam to Olivia. 

“You were being horrible, you were calling the boy a melt,” he says. “You dumped him and you called him a melt continuously, and there’s no reason for it. Don’t be horrible to someone, it’s not nice being horrible like that. Babes, you’re attacking the boy.”

Watch the drama unfold in full in tonight’s ‘Love Island’, airing at 9pm on ITV2. 

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