09/01/2020 09:30 GMT | Updated 09/01/2020 16:02 GMT

Love Island Winner Amber Gill Reveals 'Full-On Lie' She Told In Her Entrance Video

Amber has admitted to saying "all sorts of madness" when interviewed by producers to "sound interesting".

Reigning Love Island winner Amber Gill has revealed she wasn’t entirely truthful in her bid to land a place in the villa.

Amber was a contestant on the show last summer, entering on day one and eventually being crowned winner, alongside then-partner Greg O’Shea.

But while a new batch of contestants are currently waiting to enter the villa, Amber has insisted we shouldn’t judge them based solely on their entrance videos, as she said “all sorts of madness” in her own.

Speaking to her Instagram followers, Amber admitted: “As far as my opinions go on the Islanders, it is hard to say because I don’t want to form an opinion yet because I was saying all sorts of madness in my VT. 

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Amber Gill


“So I wouldn’t want anyone to judge me for that – even though that is what it’s there for.”

Amber added: “I’m sure I said I have never been rejected... or something like that which was [a] full-on lie but I wanted to sound interesting.” 

Amber made the revelation on her Instagram Story

But Amber isn’t the only contestant on last year’s Love Island guilty of telling a little white lie.

After leaving the villa, former Islander Elma Pazar confessed to knocking three years off her age when talking to the rest of the group.

I lied about my age on Love Island. I tell everyone I’m 23, it’s a real issue,” she revealed on the show’s official podcast.

“I’m 26 but now everyone knows it because [the show] said they couldn’t lie for me.”

The first ever winter series of Love Island launches on Sunday night at 9pm on ITV2.

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