30/06/2017 16:33 BST

'Love Island': Camilla And Craig Grow Closer, As She Finally Admits She Fancies Him

Jonny who?

We’re only just dried our tears after watching Jonny Mitchell brutally dump Camilla Thurlow on ‘Love Island’, but things are starting to look up for her thanks to one of the new arrivals. 

Viewers saw newcomer Craig Lawson express his interest in Camilla, after 11 fresh faces made their debut on the ITV2 reality series on Thursday (29 June), as part of the show’s biggest ever twist. 

And scenes from Friday night’s show suggest it seems Camilla’s head has been turned, as she admits she finds him “really attractive”. 

Craig and Camilla on 'Love Island'

Talking to Montana Brown, she says: “Out of everything that could have been said to me at this moment in time to give me the boost I needed to just keep going, he said all the right things. I can’t explain.”

In the Beach Hut, she smiles: “I’m still getting to know Craig but he is very interesting very considerate and he’s really attractive.”

Meanwhile, Craig is telling Alex Beattie how he feels: “If she’s not feeling it, fine. I’ve put it out there. I’m not everyone’s cup of tea. Me and her, I feel like we clicked like that I feel like we got on so well, it was so easy.”

The pair also share their first kiss as part of a task that sees them go up against the contestants staying in the other villa, and it’s clear to see there is a spark between them. 

The pair share their first kiss during a task

Later that night, Camilla and Craig have a heart-to-heart, where he tells her: “Just because I’m from a different area than you and I talk differently to you and I look differently to you, that doesn’t mean anything. When you’ve got that connection and you’ve got that vibe there, none of that stuff matters.”

Has Camilla finally found someone who will treat her right? 

‘Love Island’ airs tonight at 9pm on ITV2. 

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