26/07/2017 00:24 BST

'Love Island': Camilla Thurlow Reveals Hopes For Ross Kemp-Style Documentary Series

The bomb disposal expert certainly has experience of working in dangerous territories.

‘Love Island’ runner-up Camilla Thurlow is hoping to land a Ross Kemp-style documentary now that her time on the reality show is up. 

The bomb disposal expert has spent long periods of time working in war-torn parts of the world to recover and dispose of Explosive Remnants of War, and would like for her work to inspire a new TV series. 

Camilla Thurlow finished second on 'Love Island'

“I would literally love to do that,” she told HuffPost UK and other journalists after returning to the UK, following Monday (24 July) night’s final.

“Very interestingly, we actually mentioned that on our second date, as that was one of the things Jamie brought up as something he would like to do too.”

Boyfriend Jamie Jewitt added: “It’s a dream job.”

How Camilla's new series could look

After spending the last seven weeks cooped up in the villa, Camilla is now planning to use her new profile do some charity work. 

“I want to use any platform I have to draw attention to any issues that are important to me,” she explained, as she confirmed her hopes to visit a refugee camp.

“I spoke to a couple of people today about arranging certain trips in the near future. It’s a friend who works out in Greece who runs a charity out there, so I’d probably go and join them for a bit, then there’s a couple other places I’m thinking of going.”

Camilla coupled up with Jamie on the show

Camilla, who revealed she was planning to move in with co-star Gabby Allen to be closer to new beau Jamie, also opened up about how it was her extreme job that was the motivation to sign up for ‘Love Island’.  

“It was that social dislocation,” she explained. “Having spent so much time away and having difficulties reintegrating with my friends and family, as soon as the option came to go to Afghanistan, I took it in a second and didn’t think about it.

“When I came back, I knew I had to really throw myself into having some kind of personal life and I didn’t know how to do that. Then this opportunity came along and it was like when something aligns so clearly with your personal goals.

“There couldn’t have been a better thing for me to do. It was exactly what I needed.”

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