Love Island: Curtis And Amy Are The First Couple To Join The 'Do Bits Society'

They'd both sworn off doing anything sexual on TV prior to entering the villa.

It took two weeks, but Love Island’s Do Bits Society has its first new recruits of 2019.

Monday night’s episode saw Curtis Pritchard and Amy Hart become the first couple to take their relationship up a notch with some under the duvet action.

Curtis and Amy's relationship has stepped up a gear
Curtis and Amy's relationship has stepped up a gear

The following morning, they wasted no time in telling their fellow Islanders what they’d been up to, with Curtis admitting they’d moved past first base.

He told the boys: “Basically you know we’ve been cuddling in bed and everything. Everything’s been going super good and super nice, you know. From the smile on my face I feel like...”

Michael Griffiths interrupted: “I feel like he’s been relieved,” before Curtis continued: “We don’t have to say those words... but just so you know, our relationship is going very well.

“There may have been some... more than [kissing]. But we’re all gentlemen here, so I’m not going to say what’s happened.”

“You’ve touched base?” Joe asked, before Curtis confirmed that was indeed the case.

Amy had a similar conversation with the girls, where she said: “I’m not going to go into detail, but all you need to know is... I categorically will not sleep with him [in the villa].”

But while the other Islanders took a lot of interest in the development in their relationship, it didn’t garner quite the same reaction on Twitter.

Prior to entering the villa, both Curtis and Amy swore off taking part in any nocturnal antics on TV.

Curtis told HuffPost: “I’d kiss somebody; if it’s any further than that I think it’s private business that should be done in your own time in private, it shouldn’t be publicised to the world, it’s making love and stuff like that, the world shouldn’t see that. It should be private and in your own time.

“I’ve been brought up with a lot of respect. That aspect of life is all about respect. You don’t just show it and flaunt it to the world.”

Amy added: “This is such famous last words to say I would never do anything on television, but I have to remember that I have parents, grandparents and a 20-year-old brother who has to go to the pub for the next however many weeks.”


Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.


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