30/07/2018 22:47 BST

Dani And Jack's 'Love Island' Win Is A Predictable But Perfect End To A Blockbuster Series - HuffPost Verdict

They are undoubtedly the strongest couple in the show's four-year history.


K E Y   P O I N T S

  • Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham win ‘Love Island’ 2018
  • Jack decided to split the £50,000 prize with Dani after he was given the chance to steal it in a final twist
  • Laura Anderson and Paul Knops were named runners-up in Monday’s live final
  • Kaz Crossley and Josh Denzel finished third, while Megan Barton-Hanson and Wes Nelson came fourth
  • The final episode also saw the Islanders attend a Summer Ball for their last night in the villa
  • Tears flowed as the couples read out declarations of love to their other halves

S N A P   V E R D I C T

Dani Dyer was the star of this year’s ‘Love Island’ before the series even began. 

As the daughter of one of the nation’s most famous actors, and off the back of a short stint on sister show ‘Survival Of The Fittest’, Dani was always set for success on the Island. However, few could have predicted what a sweet romance her and Jack Fincham would have developed over the last eight weeks (although we’d just like to state we called their pairing before the show kicked off). 

We’ve laughed and cried with them as they became undoubtedly the strongest couple in the show’s four-year history. And while their win may seem predictable, they are the perfect winners for a series that, at its core, is about falling in love, as that is exactly what they seem to have found. They’ve also been hilariously entertaining to boot, and we’d dare anyone to try and argue any of the other couples were more worthy champions. 

While some fans have said the 2018 series of ‘Love Island’ missed the magic of last year’s, there’s no denying it has been a blockbuster of a hit for ITV2, who are probably the real winners here. 

The show has helped break ratings records for the digital channel, with nearly four million people tuning in every night for a dose of Island action. The huge buzz it has created among the lucrative 16-35 market is bound to make the next series an even bigger money-spinner with various product placement and tie-in deals. But producers should be careful to ensure that this monster hit does not jump the shark.  

With increased expectation for the next series to top the last, we can only hope bosses don’t meddle with a winning formula, and repeat their failings with the once-beloved ‘X Factor’.

W H A T   N E X T ?

While we eagerly await the next series of ‘Love Island’ (only 10 months to go, guys!) the Islanders will have a world of opportunity opened to them, with offers of endorsement deals, reality shows and #sponsored Instagram posts. But what we’re really hoping for Jack and Dani is to see much more of them on our TV screens. 

There has been talk of a Kardashians-style reality show for the Dyer family - something that MUST happen, if only so we get more of Dani’s mum, Jo Mas, in our lives.