04/07/2017 14:44 BST

'Love Island': Gabby Confronts Marcel After Discovering He 'Snogged Twice' In Casa Amor

Say it isn't so!

‘Love Island’ contestant Gabby Allen has been dealt a blow, after finding out what really went on when her boyfriend Marcel Somerville was in Casa Amor.

In scenes set to air on Tuesday (4 July), the remaining Islanders are all dealt some home truths from the British public as part of their latest challenge.

Each member of the group is asked to decide on the outcome of a variety of questions that are put to ‘Love Island’ viewers, while they’re performing pole dances.

No, we’re not exactly sure what pole dancing has to do with any of it, but stick with us.

Alex puts on a show for the other Islanders

In addition to questions about Amber’s game-playing, Craig’s honesty and Tyla’s “mugginess”, the Islanders are asked: “What percentage of the public think that Marcel shouldn’t have snogged twice during his time in Casa Amor?”

Upon the realisation that her boyfriend kissed someone else on more than one occasion while they were living in separate villas, Gabby admits to feeling like “an idiot”, lamenting: “Once his mistake, twice my mistake.”

Nothing worse than a pole dance-related fallout, is there?

During a confrontation later, Marcel tells Gabby: “I feel like an idiot but let me explain the situation… So we’re playing the game and everyone is on me, ‘if you know it you’ve got to do it’.

“So the one about the boy French kissing one girl, it was because of the pressure on the game. We lost the day before and everyone was like ‘we need to step it up.’ Come on, you know it was a challenge.”

Marcel attempts to explain himself

She’s in no mood for his excuses, though, telling him straight: “Two sleeps in a bed with a girl and two kisses – you are something else.”

Find out whether they can work it out in Tuesday’s ‘Love Island’, kicking off at 9pm on ITV2.

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