marcel somerville

The former Blazin' Squad star thanked fans for "all the prayers and blessings".
The Blazin Squad star was offered a spot in the villa a year before he entered, but "didn’t want to be the first black person on the show" and have to "steal someone's girlfriend".
"As a person of ethnic background you do feel ‘Is it because I’m black?’"
Yewande, Michael and Sharif were the final three left without a partner during the first coupling-up of the series.
Former Islander Marcel Somerville claimed ITV must take action over the offensive picture.
'I'm still waiting for them to send in this year's me.'
By this rate, they'll all be hitched by the time series 4 rolls round.
'To know that this is still goes on in 2017, it breaks my heart.'
There could be music on the way from him, Kem and Chris, too.