11/09/2019 11:44 BST | Updated 07/10/2019 15:01 BST

Georgia Harrison: Love Island Star Apologises After Blackface Photo Resurfaces

The 2017 contestant issued a statement after the picture was found on her Instagram account.

Georgia Harrison

Former Love Island contestant Georgia Harrison has apologised after a picture of her in blackface resurfaced.

Georgia came under fire after the photo, which shows her face painted black and silver at a children’s birthday party in 2014, was found on her Instagram account.

The reality star, who appeared on the 2017 series of Love Island, has spoken out via her representative, who has claimed there is an innocent explanation for the picture, which was taken when she was 19.

“Georgia let the birthday boy pick what she had done and that was it,” her spokesperson told MailOnline

“The little boy asked for her face to be painted black and then asked for her to have a moustache like a cowboy.

“At no point did Georgia think it was offensive or hold any negative connotations Georgia would like to publicly apologise for any hurt or upset she’s caused with this old photograph and will learn from the situation.”

Georgia, who is currently appearing on US reality show The Challenge, attracted much criticism over the photo on Twitter...

However, Kayleigh Morris, who appeared on The Challenge alongside Georgia, defended her from some of the comments.

She tweeted: “She’s not a racist. I do not believe that for a second.

“Regardless of my dislike towards Georgia. I do not need to agree with what ppl only assume. I lived with Georgia. I have my own views on her. Her stupidity is what this post is. Everyone has a past. She is entitled to grow.”

Theo Campbell, who appeared on both Love Island and The Challenge alongside Georgia, also defended her.

He wrote: “I wasn’t going to say anything as it’s BS to me. But think, loveisland is 10x bigger over here then the challenge is in the U.S. if anyone thought she was being racist it would have been picked up on it already. @georgiaharisonx is away filming atm so can’t tell us who she was.”

He added: “She’s one the biggest pro LBGT people, she’s all about equality and is one of the least racist people you’ll ever come across. So leave it out.”