16/06/2017 15:21 BST | Updated 16/06/2017 15:24 BST

'Love Island': Jess And Dom Hit A Snag, As Newcomer Mike Says He Could See Them Together

And it's terrible timing for Dom.

There could be trouble in paradise for Jessica Shears and Dom Lever in ‘Love Island’, after she admitted she has doubts about their relationship.

The pair were one of two couples who sealed the deal in the villa earlier this week, and it seems Jess is now concerned that her other half has only had one thing on his mind ever since.

In a private conversation with Olivia Attwood, she said: “Last night, he goes to me ‘Take these off,’ and I was like, ‘Why?’ and he was like, ‘I like you better when you’re naked.’

“It literally felt like when you’re dating someone and then you say you’re not going to have sex with them tonight and they’re like, ‘Fine I’m going to go home.’”

Jess tells Olivia she thinks there are problems in her relationship with Dom

Olivia told Jessica that Dom should “check himself”, adding: “It brings back memories of guys that you’ve dated who have treated you that way but you know with Dom, it’s just a bit of lad behavior.”

However, Jessica admitted that his behaviour brought her own problems with self-confidence back up to the surface, telling her friend: “I think that’s why I make myself such a big character and I join myself in on so many things because I’m so worried about being that pretty girl who has no personality.

“I’ll be fine in a minute… Now he’s had it, he thinks it’s on tap and he thinks it’s his to have and it’s not.”

Jess and Dom had sex for the first time this week

Dom’s timing couldn’t be worse, either, thanks to new arrival in the villa Mike Thalassitis, who turned pretty much all the girls’ heads as soon as he rocked up.

Later that night, Mike quizzed Jess on whether she thought that he could have partnered with her had he been there from the beginning of the series.

Mike's arrival has put the cat among the pigeons

“On paper, I would have gone for you,” Jess admitted, “I said to Dom I’d give him a chance until he messes up basically.

“We had a fall out last night and I think he does know there’s someone else in here that I would [couple up with]. Things change I’ve only been here a week and a bit.”

With a recoupling on the cards pretty soon, Dom might want to start grovelling, as Mike concluded the conversation by telling Jess that he could see them together...

See how it all plays out in tonight’s (16 June) ‘Love Island’, kicking off at 9pm on ITV2.

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