Love Island's Olivia Attwood Clarifies Comments About Villa Life And Coronavirus Isolation

The 2017 contestant insisted she was not comparing the two situations after being asked about the subject in an interview.

Love Island star Olivia Attwood has clarified comments she made this week admitting she found being “contained” in the villa harder than isolating amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Olivia, who appeared on the ITV2 show’s third series in 2017, has insisted she was not comparing the two experiences, explaining that she just finds it “easier” to be at home, where she has more access to entertainment.

Posting on her Instagram Story, the reality star wrote: “Just to clear up. There is NO comparison between what is going on and Love Island. I was asked if it felt the same as being stuck in the villa, and I said it’s easier to be at home because at least you can use your phones and go out for walks.

“But I absolutely was not comparing the two. Love Island was honestly one the best times of my life and what is going on right now is beyond horrendous, and we all just need to do our part, and follow the guidelines we have been given.”

Olivia Attwood
Olivia Attwood
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In an accompanying video, Olivia continued: “I hope that makes sense. I was trying to make the point that at home we have so many things to entertain ourselves with – we can watch TV, go on the internet, go for walks.

“There’s people on the front line who are putting their health at danger every day for us, and all we’ve been asked to do is stay the fuck indoors. It’s not a lot to ask.”

“Feeling a bit deflated because I was talking with good intent,” she added.

Olivia appeared on Love Island in 2017
Olivia appeared on Love Island in 2017

In an interview with the MailOnline, Olivia had been quoted as saying: “The only thing I can compare this to is Love Island. We were more contained, there was more control.

“In the villa, you couldn’t call anyone or go for a walk. If anything, it was worse because I couldn’t speak to any of my family or go on my phone.

“Obviously there was a big cast and they were constantly playing games with us so we never really got the chance to be bored. It was hot and there was a swimming pool, but we were contained.”

She continued: “Right now I can speak to my genuine friends and I’m not just stuck with a bunch of strangers. You couldn’t call anyone or go for a walk – but with coronavirus, you can walk outside your front door as long as you’re in the guidelines.

“You can make whatever food you want and have a glass of wine, whereas in Love Island you ate when you were told to eat and you had minimal alcohol.”

Love Island is due to return to ITV2 in the summer, but there has been much speculation as to whether the series will go ahead due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Originally, ITV had planned to air two series of the hit reality show in 2020 following record-breaking ratings last year, with its first-ever winter run concluding last month.

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