12/07/2019 11:45 BST | Updated 12/07/2019 12:02 BST

Love Island USA Has Kicked Off, But It Won’t Stop Raining At Their Villa

The US version of the ITV2 series is being filmed in Fiji.

After becoming must-watch TV here in the UK, Love Island has caught the eye of TV executives around the world, who have rushed to create their own versions of the programme.

This week, the first set of US-based Islanders jetted off to paradise having geared themselves up for a few weeks of sunning themselves in swimwear and (hopefully) finding love. 

However, there’s one small problem. Love could still be on the cards but it seems sunshine is not, as it won’t stop raining in the area of Fiji where the series is being filmed.

🌧 🌧 🌧

This has led to numerous chats being held under awnings, and puddles appearing around the villa (which is so much more luxe than the UK one, by the way). 

Obviously, the weather has been noticed by viewers… 

Hopefully it’ll brighten up soon, as it’s not supposed to be quite so gloomy in Fiji at this time of year, with Accuweather claiming it should be over 25°C and pretty dry too. 

The location isn’t the only thing that US bosses have tweaked, as their series is also set to be a lot tamer than the UK original, thanks to a set of stricter rules brought in to make sure it’s suitable for an 8pm broadcast slot.

Other countries to have launched their own versions of Love Island include Germany, Sweden and Australia. 

The Aussie incarnation was so explosive that it had already made headlines here in the UK last year before we could even got the chance to watch it.