Love Island's Yewande Was In No Rush To Hide Her True Feelings After Danny Was Dumped From The Villa

The former Islander let her thoughts be known on Twitter.

Yewande Biala did little to mask her glee when her former flame Danny Williams was given the boot from Love Island in Monday night’s show.

As fans will recall, Yewande was partnered with Danny during her last days in the villa, but wound up being sent packing when he chose to ditch her in favour of newcomer Arabella Chi.

Arabella left the show shortly after this, with Danny eventually coupling up with Jourdan Riane, who was a late entrant as part of the show’s Casa Amor twist.

Yewande Biala
Yewande Biala
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In the latest dumping, Danny and Jourdan were revealed to be the least popular couple among viewers, leading to them being eliminated together.

When the news was revealed, Yewande shared a cryptic emoji-heavy tweet…

...and then retweeted a couple of posts that were far less cryptic...

Not that she’s one to hold a grudge or anything.

Despite his rather controversial decisions, Danny has insisted that he has no regrets over how things played out during his time on Love Island.

“I have absolutely no regrets,” he said shortly after being dumped from the show. “I made mistakes for sure but I’m grateful for all the ups and downs because it led me to where I am today and I am a happy man.”

He added: “Anything I wanted to say, I feel like I said it in the moment. I apologised for things that I did wrong.”

Jourdan and Danny learn they've been eliminated from Love Island
Jourdan and Danny learn they've been eliminated from Love Island

Danny also said he was keen to pursue his romance with Jourdan away from the villa, saying: “I’m excited to date her and travel, meet families and do all the normal stuff that we haven’t done yet.

“I feel like I know so much about her and her character. I know her personality on a deep level but she doesn’t know my parents’ names or the simple things! I’m excited to do the normal things.”


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