Love Island's Yewande Biala Admits She Doesn't Think Danny And Arabella Will Work As A Couple

After leaving the villa, the eliminated islander said Danny and Arabella were "too different" to get on.

Love Island star Yewande Biala has shared her thoughts on her recent elimination, including the coupling up of Danny Williams and Arabella Chi.

In Monday night’s recoupling, Danny chose to pair up with Arabella, leaving fan favourite Yewande without a partner, which meant she was shown the door.

Reflecting on her “rollercoaster” time in the villa, Yewande said: “I learnt so much about myself. I made amazing friends and I wouldn’t change anything. The biggest thing I learnt about myself was that I can open up romantically and I can show a little bit of affection, which is something I struggled with in the past.”

Yewande during the recoupling
Yewande during the recoupling

“I feel like I haven’t finished my journey,” she continued. “It came to an end quite abruptly. I would love the chance to find someone that I feel is genuine. Also just continue the friendships I have made.”

Yewande also insisted she had no regrets about coupling up with Danny, despite the way things turned out, pointing out: “Danny was the only person that I had a connection with in the villa. At that time I couldn’t see myself with anybody else.”

Asked how she felt about Danny and Arabella’s blossoming romance, Yewande explained: “Maybe [they have a future together]. A bombshell coming in, it’s very hard and it’s difficult to know their intentions. I hate it when a bombshell comes in saying ‘I want to get to know everyone’, because that is a lie. You know who you’re going for. She knew she wanted Danny.

“I feel like if he does get to know her, it’s not going to work. There are so many factors – they’re so different, and the age gap. You have to be realistic. He’s just starting his life – he’s only 21. They are in two different phases of their lives. In the villa, it’s very easy to forget.”

Arabella and Danny are now coupled up
Arabella and Danny are now coupled up

The latest recoupling also saw Tom pairing up with Maura, despite their recent bust-up, and Anna teaming up with Jordan.

Meanwhile Lucie – whose past partner Joe was recently shown the door by viewers – is now paired with Anton, after the boys were given the power to decide who they’d couple up with.

Love Island airs Sunday through Friday nights at 9pm on ITV2.

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