Back Yourself, Girl: We Can All Relate To Yewande's Relationship Self-Sabotage

Get out of that tailspin already.

After a slow start Love Island’s Yewande Biala finally found someone to couple up with, romantically. But it doesn’t mean she’s letting her guard down.

Last week, the 23-year-old was asked on a date by villa newcomer Danny Williams and the pair have since officially coupled up and even shared a kiss.

But Yewande – who says that before the show she was single for four years to focus on her science studies – continues to play her cards close to her chest, refusing to believe Danny’s intentions are sincere.

In the clearest display of self-sabotage we’ve seen on TV since, well, the last season of Love Island, Yewande can’t let herself enjoy being coupled up and, instead, is keeping Danny at arm’s length.

In Tuesday night’s episode Yewande looked for reassurance from Anna, saying: “I don’t know if my insecurities are creeping in on me, my head is saying he’s lying and chatting shit.”

Anna reassured her (and later told the beach hut “I don’t think she rates herself or realises how beautiful she is inside and out”), but Yewande wasn’t satiated by the display of female solidarity. She wanted answers.

In a scene familiar to anyone who has ever questioned the intentions of someone they’re dating – Yewande started asking Danny loaded questions, caveated by saying she wouldn’t “be offended” by his answers.

Danny stayed on script, confirming he does indeed like her, he isn’t a “dickhead boy telling her what she wants to hear”, and he won’t move on elsewhere.

If Danny will stay committed to Yewande or not none of us know. He could be playing the game or have his head turned at a later stage. But for now, he is saying all the right things.

Unfortunately for her, Yewande is still stuck in that downward tailspin that means any time they spends together is tainted by awkwardness and doubt.

And viewers can relate, hard.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t want her to snap out of it.

Come on sis, you’ve got this.