'Luther' Fans Are Now Too Terrified To Sell Anything Online Ever Again

You won't find us on eBay anytime soon.

Warning! This article contains spoilers from the second episode of ‘Luther’

The new series of ‘Luther’ is not only proving to be brilliantly entertaining, but it’s also doing a pretty good job of putting us off carrying out normal, everyday tasks.

Fresh from terrifying everyone from ever taking the nightbus again, fans are now too afraid to sell anything online.

Wednesday’s episode of the BBC drama saw serial killer Jeremy Lake seemingly claim his next victim, after posing as someone coming to collect a second-hand purchase.

Jeremy Lake struck again in the latest episode of 'Luther'
Jeremy Lake struck again in the latest episode of 'Luther'

Viewers saw him text a woman, while under the guise of a female buyer called Vickie, warning the seller that “her father” would be coming over to collect a fridge that “Vickie” had bought from her online.

The woman unwittingly let him into her house and showed him to the kitchen, before he grabbed her, covering her mouth and bungling her into a large suitcase.

For some, the possibility of this happening was way too real, with many people on Twitter swearing off selling things online again...

However, it remains to be seen if the woman selling the fridge is dead, as we didn’t actually see Jeremy kill her before or after putting her in the suitcase.

A preview of the next episode saw his wife Vivian setting up a makeshift operating theatre, perhaps indicating Jeremy will carry out his horrific fantasy of killing someone during surgery with the poor fridge seller.

‘Luther’ continues tonight at 9.05pm on BBC One.

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