Luther's Return Has Put Everyone Off Ever Riding The Nightbus Again

We will all be getting taxis from now on.

Warning! Contains mild spoilers from the first episode of ‘Luther’ series five

TfL is going to have to think of a new PR strategy for the nightbus, after ‘Luther’ destroyed the chances of anyone ever travelling on it again during its return on New Year’s Day.

Fans of the BBC drama have vowed never to board the London service again, after a woman was killed by the show’s latest serial killer on it.

Luther's first episode saw a woman getting killed on a nightbus
Luther's first episode saw a woman getting killed on a nightbus

As the fifth series got underway, viewers were introduced to a masked assailant when DI John Luther began investigating a new string on murders in the capital.

However, in chilling scenes, the killer claimed his latest victim by hiding at the back of the top deck of a nightbus and waiting until a woman was alone to pounce on her.

It saw him pop up from behind the back row of seats and crawl along the bus floor like a ninja, before then brutally murdering her.

As the drama unfolded, it seemed no-one was particularly keen on stepping foot on a bus ever again...

Our favourite tweet, however, went to the person who suggested their newfound fear of bus journeys meant they couldn’t possibly return to work after the Christmas break.

Nice try.

‘Luther’ continues tonight at 9pm on BBC One.


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