'Luther' Series 5 Episode 3 Review: 8 Burning Questions We Now Have

Just what will happen in the last instalment?

Just as we’d got used to having ‘Luther’ back in our lives again, it’s almost time to say goodbye to our favourite rogue detective for another series.

The penultimate episode of the fifth series aired on Thursday night, pulling together the case of the Jeremy Lake murders, as Luther and Halliday finally got wise to the surgeon and his wife Vivien’s horrific deeds.

However, not only are there still some loose ends left to tie up, but the developments in Luther and Alice’s involvement with George Cornelius are far from over (RIP Benny, sob), with the series conclusion set to come to an explosive climax.

Here’s the eight burning questions we’re asking ahead of the final episode...


Has Jeremy got a brain tumour?

Another visit to Jeremy’s office allowed Halliday a chance to get a closer inspection of the brain scan he was looking at when they last spoke to him.

After Halliday managed to nab a picture of the scan, a pathologist quickly confirmed that the person had an inoperable, frontal lobe tumour, leading Halliday to suggest the person whose scan Jeremy was looking at was his own.

She explained to Luther this could account for Jeremy’s deviant behaviour, and it would also explain why Vivien has been so loyal to him. Is Halliday on to something, or was the scan related to something else?

Will Jeremy strike again?

With the killer still on the loose following his wife’s arrest, police have got his face all over the news to try and catch him. However, in the trailer for the final instalment, we saw Jeremy turning up at the house of the his second victim’s school teacher from episode one. Will she be murdered next? Or…

Does the school teacher know Jeremy?

When she was seen opening the door to Jeremy, who was holding a bunch of flowers in the preview, she greeted him with a smile, suggesting she somehow knows him. Is she in on his crimes? Or perhaps she is a friend unaware of his murderous activities? Either way, we reckon there’s more to this relationship.


Was Jeremy in the ambulance that arrived at his house?

Given we know Jeremy heads back to the scene of a his previous crimes in the next episode, this seems unlikely, but we shouldn’t rule yet out the possibility that the ambulance he had hidden in was the one that turned up at his house when police found Penny in the basement.

What was Vivien and Jeremy’s ‘arrangement’?

We’ve previously questioned the nature of Jeremy and Vivien’s relationship, and what she was getting out of the murders, but this episode not only confirmed she is also capable of killing, but it was the first time we gleamed more insight into a specific arrangement between them. While the finer details remain unclear, we’re expecting more to come to light when Vivien is questioned following her arrest.


Will Mr Palmer kill Mark next?

We know from the preview of the next episode that Alice seemingly escapes the current situation she, Mark and Benny were in, but following Benny’s death, will Mark meet his maker courtesy of George’s associate, Mr Palmer, too?

Will Luther kill George?

Luther had seemingly agreed with Alice to kill off George, and that was prior to Mr Palmer shooting Benny. With Luther bound to be furious at his friend’s demise, we’re now surely set for a lethal showdown between the pair – but who will come out alive?


Will Alice and Luther end up together?

Yes, they are terrible for one another. Yes, they are both hugely flawed characters. But in a strange way, it’s what we all want, right?

‘Luther’ concludes on Friday at 9pm on BBC One.

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