01/11/2018 10:50 GMT | Updated 01/11/2018 12:14 GMT

Luton Airport Luggage Handlers Filmed 'Throwing' Cases To Be Investigated

The pair were captured on camera by a passenger.

Two airport baggage handlers who were caught on film tossing passenger suitcases from a plane’s hold are under investigation.

The pair, who were filmed at Luton Airport by social media user Rob Button, were caught following a Wizz Air flight from Poznań in western Poland.

Italian bag handling firm Azzura, which was contracted by Wizz Air, has apologised and launched an internal investigation. 

Luton Airport said it was not responsible for baggage handling services.

Button, a DJ, told Metro: “I could see them throwing the bags without any care for anyone’s belongings. It’s the disregard they had that bothered me.

“If you had your laptop or iPad in there who could say what would have happened, things get broken don’t they.”

Gennaro Carcassa, UK station co-ordinator for Azzura, said the company “continuously strives to meet customer and stakeholder expectations and I apologise on behalf of the company that in this instance, those expectations have not been met.

“The individual employees identified in the footage are now under investigation and the matter will be dealt with via our internal company procedures.”

A spokesman for Luton Airpot said: “We expect all third parties operating at London Luton Airport to uphold our high standards. Where this is not the case, we work with our airline partners and their ground handling agents.”

It follows similar incidents filmed at airports in the UK and internationally.

A clip of baggage handlers roughly throwing suitcases at Hong Kong airport went viral in September.

It came in the same month handlers at Manchester Airport were caught by a Ryanair passenger swinging suitcases onto a trailer, knocking others off like bowling pins.