MAC Face And Body Foundation Is Getting A Metallic Makeover

So. Much. Yaaaaas.

Beauty lovers, prepare yourselves. A shimmering version of the MAC Face and Body Foundation exists and it’s “coming soon” to stores.

Senior MAC makeup artist Dominic Skinner enlightened the world to the beautiful new creation on Instagram, sharing a backstage snap from Paris Fashion Week.

“I’m in love,” he wrote.

The new foundations come in two shades, ‘Just a Hint’ and ‘Million Dollar Bling’, and are “coming soon” according to Skinner.

A photo posted by Dominic Skinner (@dominic_mua) on

A spokesperson for MAC Cosmetics told The Huffington Post UK that so far the glowy, metallic products are only being tested by senior MAC makeup artists at present, but will keep us updated as soon as more info is passed on.

If Skinner’s glowing (get it) praise is anything to go by, hopefully we’ll be seeing them on the shelves sooner rather than later.

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