Madonna ‘Labels Guy Ritchie A Son Of A B****’, As 'Rebel Heart' Tour Hits Melbourne

The 'Living For Love' singer lost a custody battle in early March.

Madonna is showing no signs of building bridges with her Guy Ritchie, labelling her ex-husband a “son of a bitch”, according to reports.

The ‘Living For Love’ singer recently lost a custody battle with Guy, over their 15-year-old son Rocco, and she’s now reportedly slammed her ex, before taking to the stage in Melbourne over the weekend

<strong>Madonna on stage in Melbourne</strong>
Madonna on stage in Melbourne
Graham Denholm via Getty Images

Madonna then hit the stage in Melbourne as part of her 'Rebel Heart' tour, and while many outlets have reported that she had a “drunken meltdown” during the show, her reps have refuted claims that she consumed excessive alcohol, telling the Metro she only had one shot.

She did, however, make fresh references to her personal life and the custody battle, performing with a picture of Rocco behind her, before telling the audience: “If I have learnt one thing in my life, it’s just to go with it. If you just laugh it doesn’t hurt as much.”

<strong>A prior hearing ruled that Rocco could stay with Guy in London, instead of travelling to see his mother</strong>
A prior hearing ruled that Rocco could stay with Guy in London, instead of travelling to see his mother
Laura Cavanaugh via Getty Images

Prior to her huge 'Rebel Heart' tour date, Madonna performed another Melbourne gig for a smaller audience at a club, taking to the stage in costume for a performance of her ‘Tears Of A Clown’ show, and once again performing with photos of Rocco behind her.

Earlier this month, at a gig in Auckland, she discussed Rocco extensively, telling the crowd:That is my son, who I mentioned earlier. He is actually 15 and it's true, there is no love stronger than a mother for her son.

Going on to dedicate a cover of Edith Piaf's ‘La Vie En Rose’ to Rocco, she added: "And, if I talk about him too much, I might cry. But I would like to dedicate this song to him.

"It's a love song for a man, but I know he'll be one, one day. I hope he hears this somewhere and knows how much I miss him."

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