06/07/2017 13:58 BST | Updated 07/07/2017 14:24 BST

Magaluf Officials Call An End To Unlimited Alcohol Deals In All-Inclusive Hotels

It's hoped the change will curb rowdy behaviour.

JAIME REINA via Getty Images
All-inclusive hotels in Magaluf will no longer be able to offer unlimited alcohol deals 

Brits partying in Magaluf will no longer be able to binge on unlimited alcohol in all-inclusive hotels. 

In an attempt to crackdown on fights and rowdy behaviour among tourists, officials from across Majorca have announced an end to the all-you-can-drink-offers. 

Last year, a record 17.8 million Britons visited Spain. In June, graffiti was spotted in Majorca’s capital Palma saying “Tourists go home, refugees welcome”. 

Vice president of the Balaeric government, Biel Barceló, said it was time to clampdown on “uncivic tourism”. 

“We do not want this type of tourism,” he said, according to Economia de Mallorca. 

Stuart Black / robertharding via Getty Images
A government official said it was time to crackdown on 'uncivic' tourism in Magaluf 

“This is why we have demanded from the government the maximum involvement and maximum coordination.” 

Barceló met with a number of officials to try and tackle the problem, including police and tour operators. 

The change is set to be included in new Balaeric tourism laws, though the exact details have not yet been revealed. 

According to the Independent, the change is part of a series of attempts to clean up Magaluf’s party image.

Speaking last year, the mayor of Calvia said: “We have improved the experience for tourists and we are now no longer in the news for bad coverage.

“There has been a major decrease in infractions, arrests and all kinds of illegal or anti-social behaviour.”