He's been named locally as 18-year-old Thomas Channon.
It's hoped the change will curb rowdy behaviour.
Brits partying in Magaluf will no longer be able to binge on unlimited alcohol in all-inclusive hotels.  In an attempt to
British police may not have the time to investigate a house burglary, but they do have the resources to send two officers
Warning: Strong language A hilarious video has emerged of a man passing out several times while riding a 'slingshot' in Magaluf
Debauched, boozy scenes unfolded in tourist resort Magaluf last night – despite the introduction of tough new rules cracking
Just five miles outside Palma, in Illetas, the Bon Sol sits on a pine-covered hillside overlooking the bay, with sub-tropical gardens leading to its own private beach.
Why do people choose to do the things they do as a collective? There must be a reason. Why is morality a lost priority amongst the masses these days? Perhaps the bigger question is why our institutions and religions are crumbling?
The bouncer who claims he pepper-sprayed Jeremy Kyle after he was seen filming at a Magaluf nightclub has spoken out and
Jeremy Kyle got more than he bargained for during a recent trip to Magaluf, when he was reportedly pepper-sprayed by a bouncer