31/01/2017 14:00 GMT | Updated 01/02/2017 08:57 GMT

Woman Gets Creative With Her Response After Being Makeup Shamed

Not today people.

They say actions speak louder than words, and it seems you could save yourself a few arguments by getting handy with your eyeliner. 

This is after Amy, a makeup artist from Miami, shared a picture of her latest look on Imgur, which she created in response to being makeup shamed. 

Amy, who goes by the name ‘agentsometime’ on Instagram said: “When someone tells you to stop wearing so much makeup.”

Her eye makeup simply spells out ‘nope’ and to be honest if we had that winged skill locked down, we would be copying it right now. 

Her picture was instantly praised by other uses in the beauty community, with people saying that they would be sure to use her cunning strategy.

Commenter Michellemybell said: “I should do this the next time my boyfriend complains about me wearing makeup.

Makeup shaming is where someone is criticised for the amount of product they are wearing on their face. The phenomenon was highlighted last year when a tweet went viral last year featuring celebrities that men believed were ‘au natural’ but in fact were actually covered in the stuff.

Social media users shared memes of Disney princesses ‘without makeup’ in order to combat the idea that women wake up flawless.