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'Making A Murderer Part 2': Who Are The 79 People Who ‘Didn’t Respond’ Or ‘Declined’ To Appear?

The list includes prosecutor Ken Kratz, Teresa Halbach's family and TV personality Nancy Grace.


Each episode of ‘Making A Murderer Part 2’ concludes with the same title card, featuring 79 names, all of whom were contacted by directors Moira Demos and Laura Ricciardi about being interviewed for the documentary, but ultimately do not appear for one reason or another.

Among the list are many key figures from the first 10 episodes of the hit Netflix documentary, as well as others who fans of the documentary will be less familiar with.

For anyone feeling curious, we’ve gone through the list and tried to find out the identities of everyone who was contacted by Demos and Ricciardi, listed below...

Laura Barber Fritschka

A juror in Steven Avery’s trial. She was interviewed individually by the court in 2007, a transcript of which is available to read online.

Andy Behrendt

Now a pastor, Andy was the editor of the student newspaper at which Teresa Halbach was a photographer. In 2016, he contributed to a People magazine piece aiming to shine a light on Teresa, rather than Avery and Dassey, telling them: “Even after she died so tragically – and here we are again, faced with this awful, awful tragedy 10 years later – I still can’t picture her without a smile on her face. In the end, nothing can take that away.”

Luke N Berg 

An attorney from the Department Of Justice, who argued in 2016 that Brendan Dassey’s claims that his confession wasn’t voluntary “had no grounds”.

Scott Bloedorn


An ex-boyfriend and roommate of the victim, Teresa Halbach. He briefly appeared in ‘Part 1’ of ‘Making A Murderer’. 

Joseph P Buckley

One of the authors of ‘Criminal Interrogations and Confessions’, a book which detailed the so-called Reid technique, discussed in the final episode of ‘Making A Murderer Part 1’.

While it was argued in the documentary the Reid technique seeks “confessions” rather than “truth”, Buckley said in an email in 2016 that Reid’s training materials describe “what to look for as a possible indication of innocence during the interrogation process”.

Andrew Colborn


An important figure in the first part of ‘Making A Murderer’, you may recall details of him receiving a phone call from a Brown County detective - when Avery was still in prison on false rape charges - suggesting that one of his inmates had committed a sexual assault in Manitowoc county that someone else was serving time for. This was not pursued, and it was eight more years before Avery was released from prison.

The RAV4 key with Avery’s DNA on it was found when Colborn and James Lenk were searching the accused’s bedroom.

Robert Covington

A juror from Brendan Dassey’s court case, who has since called for him to receive a new trial, based on issues around his confession. “He could’ve been pressured into doing this,” he said. “I don’t know whether he did it or not.”  

Julie Cramer 

Julie Cramer looks after search and rescue dogs, and was asked to help in the search for Teresa Halbach when she was first missing. She was interviewed by Ken Kratz and Dean Strang in February 2007.

Sherry Culhane


You may remember Sherry from ‘Part 1’, as she was the DNA Technical Unit Leader in charge of testing the bullet found at Steven Avery’s home. Her own DNA wound up in the mix, and because of the sample being examined, there was only a chance for one test.

Bradley Czech 

One of Teresa Halbach’s friends, who was interviewed by police for 20 minutes, the day after she was first reported as missing, during which he said he’d last seen her two weeks prior.  

Bobby Dassey


Older brother of Brendan Dassey and nephew of Steven Avery, his was one of the first court interviews shown during the first run of ‘Making A Murderer’. In July 2018, Kathleen Zellner filed a 599-page document that named him as a possible suspect in Teresa Halbach’s murder, largely down to a CD-ROM containing data from the Dassey family’s computer.

Zellner says the CD contains evidence that Bobby Dassey’s testimony was false, as well as “images of violent pornography depicting women being tortured and violated that Zellner says were largely accessed at times when only Bobby Dassey was home” (via Rolling Stone).

Julie A Dorn

A juror from Steven Avery’s trial.

Kristen Durst

A reporter currently working for Wisconsin Public Radio.

Cynthia Edge

A juror from Brendan Dassey’s trial, who was randomly selected to be discharged, alongside Rénee Schmitt.

Tom Fallon

The current assistant attorney general, who has been opposed to overturning Steven Avery’s conviction

Tom Fassbender


The co-lead investigator into Teresa Halbach’s murder, who interviewed Brendan Dassey, leading to his controversial confession.

“We didn’t try to manipulate Brendan,” Fassbender told ‘Dateline’, more than a year after ‘Making A Murderer Part 1’ debuted. “We just tried to get at the truth. And I don’t believe it was a false confession. 

Dan Fischer

The Manitowoc County Executive at the time of Teresa Halbach’s death.

Marian J Flint

A juror from Steven Avery’s trial.

Diane D Free

A juror in the Steven Avery case who has been dismissive of ‘Making A Murderer’, telling NBC previously that she felt it was a “movie, not a documentary”.

Jeffrey Froehlich

An assistant district attorney at the time of Teresa Halbach’s disappearance. He’s now a judge in Calumet County.

Norm Gahn


The special prosecutor in Steven Avery’s trial.

Nancy Grace

Phillip Faraone via Getty Images

An American TV presenter, with a legal background. She has said multiple times that she believes Steven Avery is guilty, and interviewed his ex-fiancée Jodi Stachowski on her talk show.

Henry L Gray

A juror in Brendan Dassey’s trial.

Karen, Katie, Kelly, Mike, Tom and Tim Halbach


The family of murder victim Teresa Halbach, who were critical of ‘Making A Murderer’ when it was first announced in 2015, saying in a statement they were “saddened” at the news “that individuals and corporations continue to create entertainment and to seek profit from our loss”.

Robert Hermann

The sheriff of Manitowoc County.

Ryan Hillegas


An ex-boyfriend of Teresa Halbach who, in 2017, Avery’s new post-conviction lawyer Kathleen Zellner suggested could have been responsible for her death.

Philip Hoff

An attorney in Manitowoc County.

Jeffrey J Kassel

An attorney who represented the State in Avery’s 2010 appeal.

Michael Klaeser

The medical examiner who signed off on Teresa Halbach’s death certificate. He told Nancy Grace that he believes Steven Avery is guilty of the murder.

Nathan J Klein

A juror in Steven Avery’s trial.

Ken Kratz


One of the key figures in ‘Making A Murderer Part 1’, he led the prosecution in both Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey’s trials.

Peg Lautenschlager

The first woman to serve as Wisconsin’s attorney general. Lautenschlager died in March 2018.

James Lenk 


Anyone who’s seen ‘Part 1’ of ‘Making A Murderer’ will recall James Lenk, a lieutenant from the Manitowoc County Sherriff’s Office. It was Lenk who was responsible for finding the RAV4 key in Steven Avery’s bedroom.

Daniel P Lennington

An attorney in Brendan Dassey’s 2017 appeal.

Kevin M LeRoy

The Deputy Solicitor General for the state of Wisconsin.

Kate Lewitzke Mongin

Named on the list of witnesses from Steven Avery’s 2006 trial

Tina Mills

Like Andy Behrendt, Tina took part in the People magazine piece celebrating Teresa’s life, having been in classes with her at college. “Caring, loving, any good quality you could come up with,” she told the magazine. “That was Teresa.”

William A Mohr

A juror in Steven Avery’s trial.

Thomas Oakes

A juror in Brendan Dassey’s trial.

Jerry Pagel

Former sherriff of Calumet County, now retired. He previously called ‘Making A Murderer’ “biased” and “slanted towards the defence”.

Ken Peterson 


The former sheriff of Manitowoc County, who served between 1979 and 2007, a period encompassing both Steven Avery’s wrongful imprisonment for the rape of Penny Beernsten and his eventual conviction for the murder of Teresa Halbach.

Jeanine Pirro 

SOPA Images via Getty Images

American TV personality and former judge. Her show ‘Judge Pirro’ sees her settle people’s problems, in the style of ‘Judge Judy’ or ‘Judge Rinder’. Like Nancy Grace, she’s also said on multiple occasions she believes Steven Avery is guilty.

Dawn Pliszka

A receptionist for AutoTrader magazine, the publication which sent Teresa Halbach to Avery property to photograph cars.

Josh Radandt

An early witness in the search for Teresa Halbach, who told police he’d seen a bonfire at the Avery property on the night of her death.

Dave Remiker 


A detective in Brendan Dassey’s trial, who was reprimanded during court proceedings after he failed to log an unauthorised person - a fellow officer’s husband - who was in the jury’s sequestered area.

Steven Rollins

The corporation counsel for Manitowoc County.

Brad Schimel 

Another attorney from the Department Of Justice, who argued in 2016 that Brendan Dassey’s claims that his confession wasn’t voluntary “had no grounds”.

Renee Schmitt

Juror from Brendan Dassey’s trial, who was discharged after being selected at random, alongside Cynthia Edge.

Daniel J Slaby

A juror in Steven Avery’s trial.

Jodi Stachowski

Avery’s ex-fiancée, who was supportive of him in ‘Making A Murderer Part 1’, but has since not only said she believes he is guilty, but has made allegations of physical abuse against him.

Nancy D Steinmetz

A juror in Steven Avery’s trial.

Terri A Temme

A juror in Steven Avery’s trial.

Sharon A Thorne

A juror in Steven Avery’s trial.

Misha Tseytlin

The solicitor general for the state of Wisconsin, appointed in 2015.

Katie Uttech

Another old friend of Teresa Halbach’s, Katie even had Teresa as one of the bridesmaids at her wedding in 2004. “This Netflix thing is not something that’s made up,” she wanted to remind People magazine readers. “This is somebody’s sister and somebody’s daughter and somebody’s friend and somebody’s cousin. This is real.”

David Vigiliano

Ken Kratz’s literary agent.

Ryan J Walsh

Chief deputy solicitor general, involved in Brendan Dassey’s 2016 appeal.

Carl L Wardman

A juror in Steven Avery’s case, who was involved in the trial while continuing his role as a volunteer for the Manitowoc sheriff’s department.

Mark Wiegert

Co-lead investigator with Fassbender, responsible for acquiring Brendan Dassey’s confession, which eventually led to his incarceration.

Janet Willer

A college friend of Teresa Halbach’s, who said in 2016: “[Teresa was] just the kind of person you wanted to be friends with when you were in college. That’s the best way I could describe her, just a really great solid person.

Jacob J Wittwer

Assistant attorney general for the state of Wisconsin.

Lynn Zigmunt

The chief clerk at the Manitowoc County Clerk of Courts office.

Also named on the title card are Becky Foss Crookham, Thomas Heinzel, Adam Lewitzke, Jane McGuire, Jesse Miller, Paul T Neleson, Judy Orth, Kelly Pitzen Luedeke, Janeen Running, Leah Shea, Ashley Shippy, Rachel Tedder, though we were not able to find information about their involvement in the events documented in ‘Making A Murderer’.

‘Making A Murderer Part 2’ is streaming now on Netflix.