Makhosi Khoza Retires From Politics, Just Months After New Party Formed

"I feel time has come for me to pursue... my bigger mission is beyond the confines of politics and political parties," Khoza wrote.
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Founder of the African Democratic Change (ADeC) party and outspoken ex-ANC MP Makhosi Khoza has announced her retirement from politics.

In a letter published on Facebook addressing ADeC's leadership on Saturday, Khoza said she had taken a "well-thought through decision" to step down from politics in pursuit of her "bigger mission in life".

"I feel time has come for me to pursue... my bigger mission... beyond the confines of politics and political parties," Khoza wrote.

Writing that a "very promising potential opportunity has arisen" for the former parliamentarian and stern critic of the governing party, Khoza said she would turn her attention to local governance and administration, education and elevation of African languages.

In justifying her departure and shift to other work, Khoza decried the poor state of development of African languages and education, saying she wanted to contribute to their betterment. "It is a calamity of despicable proportions that a black African-led government claiming to be the liberator has dismally failed to position and develop black African languages as those of prestige and prosperity," she wrote.

Khoza said she had, in response to this context, created an isiZulu language mathematical logic series and dictionary 'UZALO' which she would table to Parliament's Portfolio Committee on Education and others. She and her son Mlando -- a computer programmer finalising an algorithm based on her work -- had decided to "join forces in the elevation of black languages," she added.

The ex-ANC MP stressed her work required her to be 'apolitical', hence her decision to step down from ADeC, a party she formed in December following her admonishment of, and departure from, the ANC.

In the interim, ADeC has appeared to flounder since its creation, and by March had reportedly been marred by infighting and expulsions, although Khoza denied these reports.

In her letter to ADeC on Saturday, Khoza said she wished the party well:

"I also hope that ADeC would continue with its Politics Unusual concept, its commitment to the total emancipation of women, loyalty to the South African citizens and ensuring that at all times it is grounded in moral and ethical leadership," she wrote.

'Corrupt and alien'

Khoza in September broke down in tears as she announced she would resign from the ANC.

"I tried to serve with honour, and dignity, the best I could... I am joining the people who want to protect this country," she said at a media briefing in Rivonia.

"Standing here today, I tell you I am taking with me the good ANC I know...As I break my silence, against the deceit of the ANC, I do so in defence of all men, women who fought for this country...I want to make it unequivocally clear: I am not joining the Democratic Alliance."

She labelled the ruling party as an "alien and corrupt" organisation that did not value or respect intellectual women."


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